How to Write a CV for Volunteer Work and Succeed

11 months ago Jill Nichols Comments Off on How to Write a CV for Volunteer Work and Succeed


Many times, a person’s involvement in volunteer work is used as a way of making their CVs more attractive. Therefore, some job seekers look for volunteering opportunities to boost their CVs. At times volunteer work may be a person’s main calling. Whatever the reason, a person may have for seeking to volunteer work, they need to know how to write a CV specifically crafted for a volunteer position.

Writing the CV

The following are some of the steps to be taken when writing:

Preparation for Writing

1. Get as much information as possible about the position

A CV is normally a marketing tool. It is different in every context. In this context, the type of job the owner of CV is looking for is the context in which the marketing needs to be made. This knowledge ensures that the applicant emphasizes their possession of the necessary skill sets.

2. Career Objective

The candidate should clearly spell out what they intend to do in their careers. It might be good to point out that if the applicant is seeking a volunteer to boost their CV; saying that you are looking the job to help you fill your CV is not a good idea.

3. The applicant should write down their main gifts

Writing down one’s main abilities helps them isolate which of the abilities are needed for the position they are applying for. This is the information that the applicant combines with the job description to see to craft a relevant CV This list should always include cross-cutting skills like communication and presentation. They are required in every job.

4. Work History

The applicant writing the CV should list down all the places where they have worked. From the list of all the places worked, he should include the relevant roles they played and the achievements they had.

It should be understood that the description of the job one was doing is not an achievement. If a person is employed to be a street sweeper, street sweeper’ is not an achievement. On the other hand, if the applicant’s street was voted the cleanest street in the city, that is an achievement. All work history should be included. If the applicant has done many jobs in the past, they can pick the most relevant ones for inclusion in the CV.

Volunteer jobs often attract fresh graduates and students. This means that they often have not been employed. In such a case, it is advisable for the student or graduate to mention some related activities undertaken in the school even if they were not paid positions.

5. Academic Qualifications

Like other jobs, volunteer positions require certain qualifications. The applicant should list all their qualifications from the latest to the earliest. They should include the institutions from which these qualifications were achieved. Employers normally want to know where to position them according to the skill sets they provide.

6. Referees

A good CV should always have the names and contacts of people who can vouch for the candidate. These would be people the applicant has worked with as a volunteer. Referees could also be lecturers who can attest to the applicant’s experience and ability as a volunteer.


The principles of writing CV are to a large extent the same across the people and careers. A volunteer’s application is usually about capturing how passionate the applicant is the issue they are volunteering about. The position does not offer material incentives and therefore the applicant will need passion as motivation. An applicant who manages to get the job is the one can capture their passion on paper.