3 Different Types of Learners

12 months ago Jill Nichols Comments Off on 3 Different Types of Learners

How Students Learn – 3 Different Ways

Educators find and differentiate between three major learning styles: Visual, Aural and Dexterous. To help your child reach his or her full potential, it is important to determine which type of learning style is natural for them and which type of learner he or she is.

Which one is your child?

Visual learners

visual learning
Visual learners absorb material best by seeing and visualizing a subject. They would rather watch a demonstration in chemistry than reading about it. These students enjoy working by themselves.

Aural learners

Aural learners respond best by listening. They embrace verbal instruction rather than written or visual directions and are also more comfortable expressing emotions orally.

Dexterous learners

dexterous learning
Dexterous learners absorb skills and knowledge by doing and acting. They need to be involved in physical ways. They respond favorably to concrete objects rather than to abstract concepts. Dexterous learners like to perform experiments.

The next time your child has difficulty with a topic or assignment, try to find a solution based on the type of learner he or she is. It may quickly lead to less stress and more success!